Poppiesummers is a unique children’s web site that seems to be dedicated to the color purple. Some of the pictures are even in color, while others are in black and white. No matter what the background, it seems as though every picture on this site was created with Poppysummers in mind. Each page of this website is full of fun activities, games, and lessons.

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Poppysummers first appeared on the Internet around the same time as MySpace dot com. The owner of that site, a man named Joseph Vasko, realized that he needed something a little different for his kids. He decided that he wanted to create a site that was more relaxing than the typical websites that are out there. Although many of the games and activities on MySpace and Facebook are extremely popular, there is something about being able to do things privately that people like more than playing on a public site. Many of the people who come to Poppysummers are children who enjoy learning new colors and being with someone who really cares about their interests.

Since its creation, Pippysummers has garnered quite a following. Even though the majority of the content is gaming for kids, there are also many pages that focus on Poppysummers history and so much more. The site even includes a gallery of pictures of Poppy in his various poses. If you are looking for something a little different for your kid’s web site, this might be exactly what you need.